Monday, November 09, 2009

Jaxon's photography skills

Here are the pics he took!  His goal was to go upstairs and take a picture of his brother.  I laughed & laughed when all he got was his butt!  What a goofball!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Junior Farmers

My little junior farmers were "helping" Daddy fix the combine today!  I am sure they were a big help!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I had to show Jaxon's rugburn as it heals.  Instead of looking better, it is looking much worse.  Today, he walked up to me with blood all over his face and didn't even know it.  He must have scratched and rubbed the healing skin off of it.   His face has been a mess, and everybody we see wants to know what happened.  What a story to tell!  Goofball!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Our Day in Salina!

I had a couple large sacks of clothing to take to Goodwill today, so I decided to make a day of it and have fun with the boys!  They had a great time playing in the play area at the mall, watching the fish and making wishes in the fountain.  I told Jaxon to make a wish for something he wanted and his first wish was "Grandma Judy" and his second wish was "Papa Jerry" and with each additional penny, he repeated them over and over.  I think he misses them just a little!  I found some great books for the boys!Jaxon also decided he wants to be a dragon for halloween and Brady wants to be a lion.  Bradyn would say "lion" and then roar really big!  It was pretty cute.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Look at those sleeping angels! They are sleeping in a bed by themselves . . . not in my bed!!!! Yay for me!!

Racecar bed!

The boys acquired a new racecar bed today and are blissfully happy about it!  I am too!  I was blessed and found it on freecycle and was the first one to email the previous owner about it!

Fish Fry

Yesterday was a great day!  We went to a fishfry with the boys, and they have a new favorite food!  FROGLEGS?!  I am serious!  They absolutely love them.  We all had a great time!  The boys had a blast.  Jaxon was being crazy when we first got there and ended up with a rugburn on his nose & forehead.  He looks pretty goofy and complains that it hurts!  They also had a great time wrestling with Jarett (age 13) and hanging out with an adorable 2-year old, Madalyn!  I also had a great time socializing with adult women!  Adult time is a good thing!  The only downside for the whole thing is I am back on low-carb at my Doctor's request, so wasn't able to eat the food.  I know I missed out, but what could I do?! 

Saturday, September 12, 2009

My Junior Photographers

My boys got ahold of the camera and these are some of their best work!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Crazy Moment of the Day!

I put the tent up for the boys today, and thought it would be something fun they could do without getting into trouble. What was I thinking?! Of course they found trouble. They had been having a blast playing in their tent, so I thought it would be extra special if I gave them some M&M's to eat in their tent. Hard to get into trouble with M&M's, right? WRONG! At first, I could tell they were eating their candy and all was well. It didn't take long for Jaxon to change gears. He was soon dropping his M&M's all over the floor of the tent. I found both boys with hammers in hand, smashing the M&M's. I wasn't pleased at the time, but this evening as I write this, I am laughing at their creativity! They are creative! I'd have never guessed they would have done that! Boys . . . . . never a dull moment!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Remembering Bradyn's first days

Bradyn Michael Blake was born on Saturday, December 15th at 7:26 a.m. He weighed 7lbs and was 20 inches long. It is so incredible to be a Mom for the second time! He is so sweet and we are totally in love with him. Jaxon thinks he is pretty neat too. He likes the "bee-bee" and is always wanting to look at him, kiss him, and even help with him. Bradyn spit up this morning, and Jaxon rushed to find a kleenex to clean him up. He isn't very gentle, but does his best! More pictures to come.

Remembering our first day at home with Jaxon!

Our first day at home has been good. Our first night at home was a test of endurance for Brady and I, and we passed with flying colors. We showed our little man that we can and will stay up all night and take care of his every little whim. We did get some much needed rest today, thanks to my Mom who just loves hanging out with her little grandson. Jaxon has even decided that his binky isn't soooooo bad.

Slept In

We slept til EIGHT o'clock this morning! Jaxon is still sleeping! He "worked" with Daddy all day yesterday, so I think he was wiped out! Bradyn is drinking chocolate milk and watching cartoons. It is overcast today, and I think we will have a lazy day!

I tried to upload a pic of the little guy, but I keep getting error messages!

Monday, September 07, 2009

Gone Fishin'

We had a lot of fun fishing today! Bradyn really liked the "snakes" and couldn't be convinced that they were worms! We did catch a few nice crappie for the fish fry next weekend.

Going Fishing!

We're going fishing! Come back later for pictures and tales of our lil' Anglers!

Sunday, September 06, 2009

The Ads

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Baby on the Way!

Jaxon is very excited about my pregnancy and his new little brother! He has asked all kinds of questions and loves looking at his scrapbook and talking about the cord, and what the new baby will be like. He has even gone to the extreme of dressing up a stuffed bunny and carrying him all over the place, calling him "baby Corbin" (the name we have chosen for the baby). Here are some of the questions Jaxon has asked:

Jaxon: Is baby Corbin wearing a diaper?

Me: No

Jaxon: ohhhhhhhhh, he is naked?! (laughs)

Jaxon: Does he poop in your tummy?

Me: No, that would make him sick, but he does potty,

Jaxon: laughes as he repeats, "he potties"

Jaxon: Will Corbin talk to me?

Me: No, he will only be able to cry. He will cry whenever he needs something.

Jaxon: Can Corbin walk:

Me: Not right away.

It has been a lot of fun! Bradyn has no idea what is coming! When we talk about the baby in my tummy, he points to himself and says bebe!

Me (to Bradyn): Who are you?

Bradyn: BB

Me: Can I call you Bradyn:

Bradyn: NO! BB

Me: Are you a Baby or a big boy?

Bradyn: BB

I think that little boy is going to have a hard time adjusting to having a new baby in the house, but I can promise that he will still be mommy's baby!!

Brady's Birthday Party!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Christmas pictures--FINALLY!

So cute in matching Thomas pj's

Wow--this is nice!

Look at what Santa brought!

  • Autumn-my Great Dane puppy

Christmas Eve after church--camera is on auto!